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Hiring a felony defense lawyer in Loudoun County can have life-long consequences when facing serious charges. Conviction can result in prison sentences, loss of civil rights, and other significant impactful measures.

In this post, we will outline the lasting outcomes from a felony conviction in Virginia

Formal Consequences of Felony Convictions in Virginia

If you’re convicted of a felony charge in Virginia, you can expect to face time in prison and/or fines. Time in prison can include life without parole. 

Depending on how serious the conviction is, and whether you have other compounding convictions, you can pay up to $100,000 in fines. Apart from these formal consequences, felony convictions come with a number of other informal penalties.

Associated Penalties with Felony Convictions

While prison and fines are generally the prospective punishments that people consider, there are other collateral consequences that have a lasting impact on the life of those convicted of felonies. 

These Can Include:

  • mandatory drug, domestic violence or other classes
  • mandatory counseling
  • loss of constitutional rights to own firearms
  • loss of constitutional right to vote
  • felony criminal record
  • loss of driving privileges
  • lifetime registration as a sexual offender (in the case of some sex crimes charges)
  • loss of immigration status, including removal and permanent ban of re-entry
  • supervised probation
  • more severe charges for any subsequent convictions

Considering the implications of the list above really illustrates the necessity of hiring the best felony defense lawyer for Loudoun County representation. Having an experienced attorney can dramatically alter the outcome of your case.

Lasting Impacts

While the penalties discussed above are very real, many other informal consequences can follow a felony conviction. Convicted felons often have to indicate their status on job applications.

Some professions which require state licenses do not allow felons to be eligible for these licenses. Felons have reduced ability to get various forms of government aid, including: financial aid, housing, or other state assistance. 

Your ability to travel, obtain employment, and secure housing can be impacted. In our region, many jobs require security clearances, and most felons are unable to obtain a clearance.

Felony Defense Strategies

Criminal defense strategy led by an experienced profession is crucial to avoiding a felony conviction. Typically, these strategies include calling into question the key points of the prosecution’s case.

Whether this means attacking the chain of custody of physical evidence or exposing biased targeting of citizens, we use a number of strategies that aim to protect your future.

Bottom line: we use every tool at our disposal to avoid a devastating conviction.

Felony Defense Lawyer Loudoun County

If you’re facing felony charges in Loudoun County, feel free to contact us at or (703) 468-8557 if you would like to confidentially consult on a criminal matter.

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