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personal injury lawyer

Being injured in an accident that’s not your fault doesn’t always mean that your needs will be taken care of. Many find themselves facing financial strain and learning to live a new normal.

This may lead you to search for ‘the best personal injury lawyer near me.’ 

Keep reading to learn more about personal injury representation and when it’s best to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Who Needs a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers have experience in tort law, or civil litigation to recover damages in settlements, and often help with victims of car accidents or medical malpractice.

Some common situations requiring personal injury representation are:

  • an insurance company refuses to cover treatment for injuries 
  • suffering a disability as a result of an accident
  • suffering a severe short-term injury that results in significant medical costs
  • suffering an injury or illness as a result of negligence by a health care provider
  • exposure to a toxic substance as a result of contaminated air, water, food, or work environment
  • experiencing psychological trauma 
  • someone sues you for negligence

Circumstances like these require the professional representation of an experience personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers work to ensure that you receive fair and full compensation for what you’ve suffered.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Whether you’ve been attacked by a dog, been hit by a car while riding a bike, or suffered an injury at work, personal injury lawyers near me make sure that you don’t continue to suffer from the financial implications of your experience.

They can advise you as to whether or not your case is worth the effort of pursuing a lawsuit. Once a suit begins, they can negotiate your claim and seek an appropriate settlement. 

Often, those suffering from injuries are unsure if they should accept a settlement, and personal injury lawyers can give advice regarding any settlement being offered.

Apart from this, personal injury lawyer near me can file motions, obtain records, and handle paperwork, which can be overwhelming otherwise. They can convey to insurance companies, employers, and medical institutions the gravity of your injuries and experience.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

During your consultation, you should ask the following questions of any lawyer you consider.

  1. What experience do you have with cases like mine? It may be better to seek different representation if your case is unlike other cases the lawyer has experience with.
  2. How long would I have to wait to receive my settlement or compensation? A personal injury lawyer should be able to estimate how long the process will take. While an exact time frame is not possible, reasonable estimations are.
  3. How will you be paid? Knowing upfront costs will be important, and you should be comfortable and able to accept the fee-structure of your lawyer before signing a contract.
  4. How many personal injury cases have you taken to trial? Practical litigation experience can be crucial if your case fails to settle out of court.
  5. Can you offer past client testimonials? Learning how your lawyer’s previous clients feel about their experience is a good way to judge whether you’re making a sound decision in your choice.

Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

Don’t face the consequences of a devastating injury alone. Feel free to contact us at (703) 468-8557 or email at to confidentially consult on a personal injury matter.

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