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  • Murder and Firearm Convictions

    Murder and firearm convictions, and 43-year prison sentence, reversed by the Virginia Supreme Court, after the Court agreed that the police had violated the defendant’s Fifth Amendment right to silence during his interrogation.

  • Client Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault

    Client found not guilty of sexual assault after a two-day jury trial in state court, where the prosecutor refused to offer a plea deal to a lesser offense, and where a conviction for sexual assault would likely have resulted in the client’s deportation.

  • DUI Charge

    Successfully negotiated a plea deal for client’s DUI charge to be reduced to a simple traffic infraction upon the client’s successful completion of a period of probation.

  • DUI Charge

    Client found not guilty of DUI (2nd offense within 5 years) after a trial in General District Court.

  • Reckless Driving

    Client received an all-suspended sentence (no active jail time) after having been convicted, in Circuit Court, of Reckless Driving for going 136 miles per hour in a 55 mile-per-hour zone in a sports car.

  • Bank Robbery Charge

    Bank robbery charge dismissed in state court upon successful argument that there was no probable cause that the client had assisted a family member in the alleged robbery.

  • Protective Order Case

    Protective order case brought against two clients by a neighbor dismissed after a trial in General District Court, and the court awarded both clients their full attorney’s fees.

  • Conspiracy to Bribe a Public Official in Federal Court

    Client, who was convicted of conspiracy to bribe a public official in federal court, sentenced to only six months of home confinement despite sentencing guidelines recommending a sentence of five years in prison.

  • Contested Motion for Compassionate Release

    Contested motion for compassionate release granted in federal court for an elderly client, with underlying health conditions, who was serving a 30-month prison sentence for a non-violent drug offense.

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