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According to the law in Northern Virginia, embezzlement is theft by an employee. This crime carries many elements depending on the specifics of the case. Including who committed the theft and who it was stolen from.

Northern Virginia Embezzlement Laws & Penalties

Embezzlement charges come from many situations. It can occur in small local businesses or Fortune 500 companies. Any employee can be charged with embezzlement if they commit theft from their employer. If you have been accused of stealing from your employer, you need an experienced embezzlement lawyer.

Types of Embezzlement

Common examples of embezzlement include situations when an employee in a retail outlet in the role of cashier skims money out of the cash drawer. Another common thing is when a person conducts fraudulent returns to credit either themselves or a loved one.

These transactions typically occur when a person is committing embezzlement and conducts a transaction on the cash register to credit either their credit card or a loved ones’ credit card. It might even include creating gift cards for that person using items that were already in the store’s inventory, but claiming they were executing a return transaction.

Penalties for Northern Virginia Embezzlement

Virginia law states that an individual may be charged with misdemeanor embezzlement or felony embezzlement. Misdemeanor embezzlement for theft of amounts less than $200. If you are charged and convicted of a misdemeanor embezzlement you can face up to one year in jail and up to a $2,500 fine.

However, if the theft amount is more than $200, the individual can be charged with felony embezzlement. The penalty for felony embezzlement is up to 20 years in prison.

Immediate Consequences of Embezzlement

Of course, there will be immediate consequences of embezzlement as well. First, the individual will lose their job. If you are found not guilty, you may be able to get your job back. Additionally, you may face active jail or prison time if the case is considered high value.

Northern Virginia Embezzlement Sentencing

The biggest factor in sentencing for embezzlement charges is the amount that was taken. If the alleged theft s over $200 it will be charged as a felony. Virginia sentencing guidelines do account for the lost amount when sentencing a conviction of embezzlement.

The loss amounts are considered when choosing an appropriate sentence. Furthermore, if a person has a previous criminal record, especially if it involves theft or fraud, the courts are likely to choose a harsher sentence.

Embezzlement Lawyer in Alexandria, Northern Virginia

If a person is convicted of embezzlement, they will likely be placed on probation regardless of whether they will serve active jail time. Additionally, it will be extremely difficult to get another job after being charged with embezzlement. If you are facing embezzlement charges, it is crucial to speak to a skilled embezzlement lawyer ASAP. Contact King, Campbell, Poretz, Mitchell to learn more.

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