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Bribery occurs when a business or individual makes inappropriate donations or offers inappropriate gifts in an attempt to gain favor. This is illegal and could result in charges if you are the official who accepts such gifts. However, it is not always obvious. That’s why Northern Virginia bribery lawyers are here to help.

Understanding Bribery in Northern Virginia

Hollywood depicts bribery as suitcases full of money being exchanged in a dark alley. However, most bribery charges are incidents that fall just outside the law. Realistically speaking, money passes between government officials and businesses or individuals all the time. However, it must be done in a clear manner that is consistent with the law.

For instance, the ethical rules of what is considered a bribe and what is a campaign donation are very explicitly worded. Therefore, it is important to follow these rules when attempting to give or receive money in government dealings.

Bribery of State and Federal Government Employees

For state and federal government employees, a bribery conviction can mean the end of your freedom and your career. In fact, ethical rules prevent those convicted of bribery from working with the government. Therefore, if you have been charged with bribery, you should contact the Northern Virginia bribery lawyers immediately. These lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced. They can defend against the charges and help you keep your livelihood.

Hiring a Northern Virginia Bribery Lawyer

If it even more important to hire a bribery lawyer immediately because these crimes are often prosecuted at the federal level. Federal prosecutors have a very high rate of conviction, so a qualified and experienced attorney is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, federal court is more complex than circuit court. Therefore, you need an attorney who understands the differences and can work to get you the best outcome.

Consequences of Bribery Convictions

If you are convicted of bribery, you may face a class 4 Felony. This includes up to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $100,000. Furthermore, you may never hold public office again. If you want a career in politics, this conviction will be a death blow to your career. Moreover, it will result in extreme hardships for you and your family because without a source of income, you may struggle to survive.

Northern Virginia Bribery Lawyers

If you are facing a bribery charge you need an experienced defense team. Here at King, Campbell, Poretz, Mitchell we understand that bribery laws are complicated, and people may unintentionally run afoul of these laws. That’s why we work hard to get you the best outcome. To speak to one of our attorneys about your case, contact us today.

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