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If you are looking for a trust and estate planning attorney you’ll want to evaluate different attorneys. To determine if we have the experience to help you, here is a list of some questions to ask trust and estate planning attorneys near me.

Is Estate Planning your Primary Focus?

If all you need is a simple will, power of attorney, or healthcare document, then this question may not matter. An attorney with some experience is adequate.

For complex family or financial situations or a taxable estate, you’ll want an attorney whose primary focus is estate planning and estate tax reduction.

Do You Have Experience?

Many years of experience will have afforded more opportunities for an attorney to see results of their estate planning after clients are disabled or in the case of their death. They have had more time to revise documents to handle client situations.

Do you Assist with Funding Assets into a Revocable Living Trust?

Estate plans are not very helpful when attorneys fail to assist clients with funding the revocable living trust. Assets must be titled in the name of the trust while you’re still alive. Some firms have funding assistants or funding departments.

Some firms provide written instruction. Some give no guidance at all. You’ll want someone to oversee the funding process or pay extra for it since you will likely not be able to complete it yourself.

Do You Have Formal Updating and Maintenance Programs?

Many estate planning attorneys will contact clients annually or semi-annually to inform them of changes, talk about new estate planning techniques, inquire about changes that need document modification, and to check funding progression.

A formal updating and maintenance program will ensure that your estate plans are current and in working order.

Do You Charge Flat Fees or Hourly Rates?

You don’t want to see surprise costs. Most estate planning attorneys charge a fixed fee for straight-forward services. However, whether flat-fee or hourly, just be sure you understand what exactly is covered and when you will be charged.

Ask Yourself if this Attorney is Someone You Can Work With

You’ll be sharing personal information about your life. You don’t want to hold out details if you are uncomfortable.

If it’s not a good fit, it’s better to find someone you do feel comfortable with and trust before wasting time and money.

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How Can I Find a Trust and Estate Planning Attorney Near Me?

The lawyers at King, Campbell, Poretz & Mitchell have helped clients with trust and estate planning. Feel free to contact us at or (703) 468-8557 if you would like to consult with a trust and estate planning attorney.

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