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If you are going through a divorce, you have likely considered child support. How does it work? How much will it be? And many more questions. Here’s a look at the child support calculator for Alexandria VA.

Child Support Basics

Virginia law lays out the guide for determining child support payments but parents often have many questions. Filing for child support is the first step of the process. Any parent or guardian in the following situations may apply for child support.

  • You are the legal parent or guardian of the child and have sole custody over them.
  • You are the legal parent or guardian of the child and have joint custody with the other parent.
  • You are a person with a “legitimate interest” in the child, such as a relative or grandparent.
  • Your child is over 18, but you had a child support order established before the child turned 18 and are owed past due for that support.

You can apply for child support through the Division for Child Support Enforcement, or in some cases, the department may open a child support case automatically for certain individuals. Child support payments will begin on the date listed in the written order. In some cases, this will be “back dated”, meaning there is already accrued child support.

Child Support Calculator Alexandria VA

Child support awards are calculated using the child support guidelines in the Virginia Code. The amount depends on several factors, like the number of children who need support, each parent’s income, and any relevant custody arrangements. Each parent will pay their fair share the total amount.

Furthermore, the way child support is split will depend on the custody arrangement. If you have shared custody, the amount is based on a percentage of days out of each year the child is with each parent.

For sole custody arrangements, child support owed is based on the proportion of what each parent contributes to the combined income.

Lastly, if you have a split custody arrangement, meaning one child lives with one parent while the other child lives with the other parent, you do the same calculation for sole custody and split the difference between the custodial parent of one child and the custodial parent of the other child.

FAQ About Child Support in Virginia

How long do I have to pay child support?

Typically, until the child reaches age 18 or is legally emancipated. There are some exceptions to this rule.

Can child support obligations be lowered?

The non-custodial parent can petition the court to have child support obligations lowered if there is a material change of circumstances like a medical emergency, a change in child support guidelines, or a drastic improvement in the custodial parent’s financial situation.

Can child support be increased?

Yes. Showing that the non-custodial parent’s income has increased is sufficient evidence for an increased award.

Can parents agree to modify child support agreements?

Yes, but it must be approved by the court.

What happens if I don’t pay my child support?

This is considered a class U misdemeanor in Virginia and can result in a fine of up to $500, confinement in jail for up to one year, or both, or a work release employment for a period between 90 days and 12 months.

What if I overpay?

You won’t be guaranteed credit for that support, in fact it could be considered a gift and no count towards future payments.

Attorney for Child Support in Alexandria VA

Divorce can be difficult, but Virginia law protects the best interests of the children involved. While it is an overwhelmingly stressful process, you don’t have to do it alone. An experienced family attorney can make all the difference in navigating the complexities of divorce, child custody and child support. Contact King, Campbell, Poretz & Mitchell to learn more.

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