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A top criminal lawyer in Alexandria, Northern Virginia, stands out in four ways.

A solid criminal defense is built on investigation, negotiation, the ability to craft a technical legal defense, and the lawyer’s ability to win at trial.

Let’s take a look at how top criminal defense attorneys make use of these four skills.

#1 – Investigation

Unfortunately, criminal cases place the defense at a disadvantage from the outset. Police and other investigative entities have spent months or even years building a case.

District attorneys are most likely very familiar with the case. A top criminal lawyer in Alexandria or Northern Virginia needs to use exceptional investigative strategies to get up to speed.

Information gathering means becoming familiar with the discovery but also locating evidence and witnesses that contradict the other side. This means interviewing potential witnesses, finding evidence in support of the defendant, making use of private investigators, and using subpoenas.

#2 – Negotiation

When it comes to negotiation, a good defense attorney will determine the strength of the case and what possibility it can succeed at trial.

The attorney should know his or her client exceptionally well: the good, bad, and the ugly. This gives the attorney insight into where and when to negotiate.

In order to create leverage, a top criminal lawyer will be adept in pointing out weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Discrepancies in witness testimony, questionable methods used by police, for example, and use these weaknesses to file motions or challenge aspects of the case.

Often, a good defense attorney can negotiate a reasonable deal that satisfies both the prosecution and the defendant. Negotiations should involve the possibility of accepting a deal, and a top defense lawyer will know when a deal is appropriate.

#3 – A Technical Defense

This skill pressures the prosecution, often leading to generous deals. Knowing the law well allows a top criminal lawyer to find weaknesses in police reports or how they first approach the client. Using the law to poke holes in the police investigation can lead to evidence being suppressed.

In some cases, these challenges can lead to the case being dismissed. More often, plea deals can become dramatically more palatable. A top criminal lawyer’s use of a technical defense is immeasurably valuable.

#4 – Winning at Trial

Ask any potential criminal lawyer how many cases he or she has taken to trial. Furthermore, look into how many went to verdict. It’s very likely, that most criminal lawyers will avoid going to trial—and for good reason. There’s rarely a sure thing when it comes to a criminal trial.

Trials require significant preparation—more than 50 hours a week for several weeks in advance of a felony trial. Trials put a spotlight on both sides—and while issues with the prosecution are beneficial to the defendant, issues with the defense will be uncomfortable. How the attorney manages these is important.

Top Criminal Lawyer in Alexandria Northern Virginia

Lawyers at King, Campbell & Poretz have experience defending some of the most serious felony cases. Our lawyers believe in conducting thorough factual investigations, preparing witnesses for trial and cross-examination, and engaging in pretrial motion practice to limit or suppress evidence in addition to requesting other relief.