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The best criminal defense attorney in Northern Virginia will recognize the need for strong and direct action in order to guarantee his or her client a fair trial.

When facing a criminal charge, consider these characteristics when selecting the lawyer who will handle your defense.

They Are Honest

There is a time for comforting words, and while no defense attorney should be cruel, they should always be honest. This means giving a fair assessment of the strength of the case.

Sugar-coating the truth to get on the good side of their client is not the behavior of a good criminal defense lawyer.

They Research Diligently

While it’s a given that the defense will research the aspects of the law pertaining to the case, the best criminal defense attorney in Northern Virginia will also investigate the particulars of the alleged crime.

This means searching for information that the prosecution and police investigators may have missed. This information can prove indispensable to the defendant.

They Can Negotiate

Most criminal trials don’t make it to verdict, meaning they are settled out of court. Should that come to pass, defense attorneys should negotiate adeptly on behalf of his or her client.

They Have a Court Presence

Trials require that lawyers perform to a certain degree—this is a crucial element of persuasion. They must create doubt in the minds of the jury. The best criminal defense attorneys will have a presence that works to the benefit of the defense.

They Must Have Commitment

When defending a client, every possible defense must be explored. This means challenging any weaknesses in the prosecution. In the event of a conviction, the attorney must be committed to pursuing all available appeals.

They Are Analytical

They must be able to quickly assess a situation analytically and provide an appropriate response. Their mind must be tuned to all possible ways of defending their client as they arise.

They Must Be Knowledgeable

Beyond knowledge of the law, the best attorneys will be familiar with the workings of their local court, the prosecutors, and the judges. Knowing these things can help their client because the attorney will know how to avoid offending a judge or what a prosecutor may find acceptable in terms of a deal. 

They Are Communicators

A legal defense is largely about communication. This means excellent speaking and writing skills—in the courtroom and out. Written documents, from emails to briefings, should be written with careful attention to detail.

They Know the Police

The best criminal defense attorneys will have a working relationship with the police rather than an adversarial one. This means he or she will be able to locate needed information and interpret evidence on behalf of his or her client.

They Care

A good attorney will care about his client’s welfare, and his family’s for that matter. They will understand that a guilty verdict has lasting consequences regardless of any time served and work to avoid one.

The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Northern Virginia

The lawyers at King, Campbell & Poretz have extensive experience representing clients in criminal matters. Joseph King’s results for his clients have recently earned him the distinction as one of America’s Best Lawyers