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If you are going to appear in court you will want to make the best impression possible which is why today we are highlighting what to say to a judge at sentencing.

Remorse and Responsibility

One of the biggest things that any judge will want to see is that you understand the crime you have committed and that you have remorse for what you have done.

Showing humility outwardly is the best way to demonstrate that you have taken accountability for any wrongdoing and that you are interested in atoning for your crimes to make the victim whole.

This is the best way to help you appear to be more human, and remorseful.

Character Letters

Character letters can be a powerful tool to have individuals in your life advocate for you in court.

These letters should begin with an acknowledgment that they are aware of your crimes, but also speak to your character as a person in a positive light.

These can offer an insight into the kinder sider of you to showcase a different aspect of your personality to the court.

Community Service

Many judges look favorably on those who offer an option for community service.

This is especially effective if you take the opportunity to begin servicing your community in advance to show a proactive attempt to make amends through community service.

In some cases, if you have already performed community service you may even be able to bring forward a letter from your former agency requesting that you return to resume your good work.

More on What to Say to a Judge at Sentencing

If you are going to be appearing in front of a judge soon and are unsure about what to say it is important to first seek competent legal counsel.

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