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Mistakes happen in life. Thousands of drivers are arrested every year for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and face charges. The penalties for DUI offense can be found in Virginia Code 18.2-266.

If you have been arrested for DUI, it is imperative that you consult a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced DUI lawyer understands the court system and has the expertise to navigate plea bargains or difficult situations.

He/she can counsel you on what you should/should not say as well as ensure that you understand the complex legal jargon. Here are tips for finding a DUI lawyer in Alexandria.


Do your research! Choosing the right DUI lawyer is very important. Make sure the attorney listens to you, understands your case and has a plan for how to proceed.

The internet and social media make researching easy, but you should also ask your friends and family for recommendations. Make a list of potential attorneys and speak to each one. Get a feel for the DUI lawyer and find out how much their fees will be.

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Just being an attorney does not make them qualified to handle your case. Read that again. All lawyers are not created equally. You need a DUI lawyer that is experienced and qualified. Check the State Bar website to find out if any of the lawyers on your list have been subject to disciplinary actions or have a history of malpractice. Also make sure that they are licensed to practice in your state and have a good understanding of the legal system in your area.

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Face-to-Face Meeting

Schedule a meeting with your potential attorneys. It may seem inconvenient, but it is important to finding a trustworthy DUI lawyer. During the meeting you will get a feel for the attorney, decide if you get along well and determine if he/she is a good fit for you.

Make sure you bring all your important paperwork to these meetings so that the lawyer has a clear understanding of your case. Bring a list of any questions that you have. Other important questions include:

How many DUI jury trials the attorney has conducted?  Has he/she practiced law for a long time?  How many guilty/not guilty verdicts has he had? Is he experienced with DUI defense?

DUI Lawyer Alexandria

If you have been arrested for DUI, remember that it is crucial to hire a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. This could significantly impact your case.

If you are searching for an experienced, qualified attorney to represent you, contact King Campbell Poretz Mitchell. Schedule your consultation today!