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If you find yourself in a legal dispute, your first concern should be finding the right lawyer for your case. Fortunately, there is a full-service law firm in Alexandria and Leesburg ready to help you.

Types of Law

There are several different types of law. Some of these include criminal law, civil law, litigation, trust and estate, and family law. Your legal dispute will fall into one of these categories and you will need an attorney that is familiar with this type of law and experienced with Virginia Law.

Types of Law Firms

When it comes to law, you want a specialist. You wouldn’t hire a barber to fix your kitchen sink, so why hire a lawyer that doesn’t have the expertise your case requires? Essentially you have two options. You can choose a boutique law firm, run by one or two attorneys, or you can choose a full-service law firm with many lawyers practicing in a variety of fields.

Well-Credentialed Lawyers

A full-service law firm can sustain consistent work across multiple legal practice areas. this makes them very appealing to attorneys seeking employments. Furthermore, they typically pay better than boutiques since they can afford to employ competitive applicants.

Diverse Clientele

You don’t want an attorney who has never worked on a case like yours. Full-service law firms handle a diverse clientele, giving them experience in a wide variety of cases, needs, and preferences. This means your attorney will have the ability to handle the specificities of your case.


Often, full-service law firms are well known in their area. This means that their cases reflect, negatively or positively, on their local reputation. Full-service law firms thrive when their clientele considers them dependable. This means they will go out of their way to provide excellence service for their clients.


Another huge benefit of working with a full-service law firm is that your lawyer will have coworkers in adjacent practice areas. If he/she needs an objective perspective form a different legal professional, they can get that within the firm. Boutique lawyers do not have that flexibility. Instead, they would have to hire another lawyer to get a second opinion.

Full-Service Law Firm in Alexandria and Leesburg Northern Virginia

If you are in a legal dispute, make sure you choose an attorney with the skill and experience to handle your case. To learn more about the benefits of a full-service law firm in Alexandria and Leesburg, contact King, Campbell, Poretz, Mitchell.

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