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Family law mediation in Loudoun County is a great way to help families solve problems. Mediation works to preserve the dignity of the family unity while avoiding litigation. It is also a more cost effective solution. Mediation is a voluntary, collaborative, and confidential conversation between parties. It allows the parties to resolve disagreements with the help of a neutral third party, the mediator.

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What Is a Mediator?

A mediator does not make judgements or decisions. The mediator does not choose a side. He only listens to each person’s perspective and facilitates communication between the parties. This creates a mutually agreeable solution to the issue. Family mediation services include intra-family mediation, divorce mediation, and elder decision making.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is used to help a divorcing couple identify important issues. Then, these issues are prioritized. For example, if the divorcing couple has minor children, the mediation will often start with crafting a parenting plan that will resolve custody issues, parenting schedules, holidays, vacations, and child support.

If there are no minor children, a mediation might begin with the division of assets and liabilities, calculating spousal support, and discussing real estate taxes, insurance, retirement, and other issues. At eh conclusion of the mediation, the mediator will draft an agreement that includes the areas of agreement. The parties may choose to have an attorney review the agreement. Then, the parties sign the agreement and it becomes an enforceable contract.

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Intra-family Mediation

This process involves a mediator facilitating a conversation between parents, parent and teen, siblings, and blended families. It can be a very beneficial process for families struggling to communicate and understand each other.

Eldercare Decision Making

In this process, the mediator helps families discuss issues about aging and decisions that need to be made regarding aging parents. For example, should the aging parent continue living on his/her own, move into the child’s home or live in a retirement home. These are important decisions, but it can be a difficult conversation to have. Mediators help both parties feel comfortable discussing the issues and coming to an agreement.

Family Law Mediation Loudoun County

If you are interested in learning more about family law mediation and the many benefits it can provide, please contact King Campbell and Poretz today!

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