Serious Felony Defense

Our lawyers have exceptional experience defending major criminal cases.  Our criminal defense portfolio includes defending alleged serial killer Charles Severance against capital murder charges stemming from three high-profile Alexandria murders (2014-2016), defending ex-Arlington deputy sheriff Craig Patterson accused of murdering a PBS News driver in the City of Alexandria (2013-2014), and defending former Falls Church democratic party chair, Michael Gardner, charged with felony sexual abuse offenses in Arlington, Virginia (2014-2015).

Strong Trial Teams

We frequently assemble trial teams of experienced and capable trial attorneys, investigators, experts, and support personnel to defend complex and high stakes criminal cases.   In forming trial teams, the firm often works in conjunction with the Law Offices of Chris Leibig and other experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Joseph King, Megan Thomas and Chris Leibig leaving Alexandria Courthouse after closing arguments in murder trial of Commonwealth v. Craig Patterson, December 2013
Experts and Investigators

The use of experts is often necessary to capably defend criminal allegations.  We have relationships with many forensic experts, including experts in DNA analysis, eyewitness identification and memory (psychology), computer and phone forensics, firearm and tool-mark analysis, forensic psychology, psychiatry, toxicology, and sexual assault (sexual assault nurse examiner).

We also regularly use private investigators who become integral parts of our trial teams.  Our investigators have backgrounds in public defense as well as law enforcement.

Pretrial Motion Practice, Preparation and Investigation, and Mock Juries

We routinely engage in extensive pretrial motion practice to limit or suppress evidence in addition to requesting other forms of relief.  We also believe in conducting thorough factual investigations, preparing and vetting witnesses and cross-examination, and in certain cases, we present prosecution and defense arguments to mock juries to aid us in understanding the impact of evidence and argument.

Plea Negotiations, Mitigation, and Sentencing

While we have extensive trial experience, we recognize plea negotiations are an essential stage of any criminal case and we have an ethical responsibility to appropriately seek, negotiate, and communicate plea offers.  In this regard, successful pretrial litigation can sometimes assist in obtaining a favorable plea offer.

We also recognize there are many cases where a crime may have been committed and proven by the government, but there are mitigating factors that explain, in whole or in part, the conduct and should be considered in fashioning a fair resolution and/or sentence.  Mitigating factors can include lack of prior record, work and social history, family, contributions to the community and public service, military service (including PTSD and TBI), substance abuse and/or mental health issues, disabilities, immaturity, peer pressure, financial pressure or even heat of passion.

In this regard, with the client’s agreement, we wish to get know the people we represent in order to potentially present mitigating evidence to prosecutors, judges or even juries.  In cases where a plea agreement is reached and the court decides the sentence, we may present live witnesses in advocating for a particular outcome at a sentencing hearing.  We also typically prepare a written submission to the court in the form of a memorandum in aid of sentencing (also known as a position on sentencing in federal court) for sentencing hearings that may argue sentencing guidelines points, but as importantly details the characteristics and background of the defendant, argues mitigating issues, and makes a principled sentencing recommendation.

Criminal Experience

Our criminal experience includes:

  • Capital murder, first degree murder, and other homicide matters (including voluntary and involuntary manslaughter)
  • Federal drug conspiracy and state drug distribution offenses
  • Armed robbery and felony assault
  • Alleged shaken baby syndrome and other cases of suspected felony child abuse
  • Firearms offenses
  • White collar defense
  • Felony sexual offense allegations including rape, sodomy, and other serious sexual misconduct matters, to include:
    • Sexual assault allegations involving minors
    • Indecent liberties
    • Possession, production, and/or distribution of child pornography
    • Solicitation crimes via computer
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Feel free to contact us at or (703) 683-7070 if you would like to confidentially consult on a criminal matter.